Event Ended raising $1.070 for Trans Empowerment Project

Summary of event

Raids of Love Standing With Pride was an event that raised over $1,000 for Trans Empowerment Project to help people become who their true selves.

Throughout the week, the Raids of Love community focused on the Pride movement and how it all started, as well as where it is in present day. There were a lot of safe, respectful, and open discussions about parts of the Pride community, and how they are still facing discrimination to this day. At one point, Kingbullet and AWRebels had a guest, SkyeGaming, who discussed their experiences with being trans, and what kind of difficulties they have faced.

Some of the streamers that joined Kingbullet and AWRebels were: KingbulletAdexincc, bigmeangaming, MedusaChan, 00Badger, AcerolaVR, Dat_potatogirl, and many many more!

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Contact: info@jasonb230.sg-host.com

What is Raids of Love Standing With Pride?

Raids of Love Standing With Pride is a week-long event that takes place between 6/27 and 7/2 2022. During the week the Raids of Love community will be showing their support for the LGBTQIA+ community by raising money for Trans Empowerment Project.

How Do Raids of Love Fit In?

The Raids of Love community will be the central force bringing the hype and attention to the event. Many in the community are apart of the LGBTQIA+ community as well. Raids of Love wants to make sure that people can become their true selves, as well love whomever they want.

Raids of Love will be partnering up with a charity organization for this event. More information on the charity will be released soon. Throughout the week, the Raids of Love community will be focusing on talking about all the different ways people can get involved, and stay involved.

During Raids of Love, Kingbullet, AWRebels, and guest streamers stream to their respective pages after creating a list of creators that should be raided.  We then collaborate with our collective viewership and guide them – real people – to various creators’ pages where we encourage them to show love. Raiders share words of encouragement and compliments. Some Raiders also choose to drop gift subscriptions, personal subscriptions, stars (Facebook), bits (Twitch) or a follow. There are no bots, no hate, nor any negativity. 

Raids of Love Standing with Pride

During the week, the Raids of Love events will also consist of gaming & music creation. Across 4 different events, Kingbullet and AWRebels will invite fellow creators to “pregame” before the Raids of Love main event with a variety of playfully competitive games. These games include: Fall Guys, Among Us, and others. We are still looking for guest gamers to participate. 

During the music creation portions of the event, AWRebels will create a song within 2 hours. The song will include lyrics from the audience, stories from participants, and instruments chosen by the viewers during the stream. This is an experience unlike any other. 

At key moments throughout the week, our activities will encourage those able to donate to the charity that is decided upon. Their efforts will reflect Kingbullet and AWRebels’ desires to support all communities, and ensure everyone can enjoy the gaming world. Everyone should be able to be their true selves, and love whomever they want, and that is what the Raids of Love community will be focusing heavily on.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Raids of Love Standing With Pride was developed and designed by Kingbullet (twitch.tv/kingbullet) and AWRebels (fb.gg/awrebels) to bring Twitch and Facebook gaming community together. We are looking for viewers to participate, join the conversation and have some fun while raising awareness for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The event is free to attend. For the latest on the full schedule and more information, please visit jasonb230.sg-host.com