The event ended with raising $1,500 for Ablegamers

Summary of the event

Disabled Gamers Week with Raids of love was an event for the charity AbleGamers and raised $1,500. The motto taken by AbleGamers “Everyone can game” is something that we focused heavily on throughout the week.

We highlighted some amazing creators with degenerative muscle diseases who used their chin to play retro games (HanDcapableSean on Twitch) to someone with a traumatic brain injury who plays Dead Cells and has slowly taught themselves to code and create their own game (Bohoa on Twitch). Then, we went one step further and helped a streamer who took part in Disabled Gamers Week in touch with AbleGamers to help them be able to game easier after suffering from a stroke and emitting and relapsing multiple sclerosis (bl00dsaya on Twitch).

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What is Disabled Gamers Week?

Disabled Gamers Week is a week long even that takes place between 12/6 and 12/11 2021. During the week the Raids of Love community will be working to bring attention to amazing content creators who have disabilities. Throughout the week, Raids of Love will host gaming events, create music, and soft raid disabled content creators to bring hype and love to their streams.

How Do Raids of Love Fit In?

The Raids of Love community will be the central force bringing the hype and attention to the event. Creator Kingbullet identifies with having an invisible disability that can cause him to black out and lose control of his muscles at a moments notice.

Raids of Love partnered up with the charity organization AbleGamers during this event to raise money for the charity, and help people in any way they can. AbleGamers representative Craigums was nice enough to put together a rough sheet outlining the best ways to approach the topic of disabilities and how they effect different people. This document helped to ensure that everyone involved in Disabled Gamers Week approached everything as respectfully as possible.

During Raids of Love, Kingbullet, AWRebels, and guest streamers stream to their respective pages after creating a list of creators that should be raided.  We then collaborate with our collective viewership and guide them – real people – to various creators’ pages where we encourage them to show love. Raiders share words of encouragement and compliments. Some Raiders also choose to drop gift subscriptions, personal subscriptions, stars (Facebook), bits (Twitch) or a follow. There are no bots, no hate, nor any negativity. 

Disabled Gamers Week

Disabled Gamers Week will also consist of gaming & music creation. Across 4 different events, Kingbullet and AWRebels will invite fellow creators to “pregame” before the Raids of Love main event with a variety of playfully competitive games. These games include: Fall Guys, Among Us, Halo Infinite, and others. We are still looking for guest gamers to participate. 

During the music creation portions of the event, AWRebels will create a song within 2 hours. The song will include lyrics from the audience, stories for participants, and instruments chosen by the viewers during the stream. This is an experience unlike any other. 

At key moments throughout the week, our activities will encourage those able to donate to the AbleGamers. Their efforts reflect Kingbullet and AWRebels’ desires to support all communities, especially the disabled community, in ensuring that everyone can escape into the world of gaming. Streamers, viewers, gamers, and gaming platforms have a responsibility to each other and Disabled Gamers Week with Love Raids will bring attention to this responsibility. 

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Disabled Gamers Week with Raids of Love was developed and designed by Kingbullet ( and AWRebels ( to bring Twitch and Facebook gaming community together. We are looking for viewers to participate, join the conversation and have some fun while raising awareness for people with disabilities. The event is free to attend. For the latest on the full schedule and more information, please visit